Let people try your query in Microsoft Graph Explorer

Microsoft Graph Explorer is a wonderful learning space for the ones who are looking for testing Microsoft Graph APIs and reviewing the responses quickly. It provides the simple authentication where you can login, then see the response preview with your own tenant data. The best part of Microsoft Graph Explorer is its user-friendly design that makes it practical and easy to understand how to benefit the most out of it. Even better, it continues evolving with new releases all the time!

Today, we will explore one of the most practical features of Graph Explorer: “Share Query“. Let’s say that you are working with advanced queries ($filter, $search, $orderby etc.) in the Graph Explorer. After getting the required results, you would like to let people try your current query. We can easily do that in 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Click on Share button on the right side of the Response preview section.
  • Step 2: Copy your query and share with other people.
  • Result: Others can paste this shared link to any browser, then they will be directed to your pre-populated query in Microsoft Graph Explorer. They can click on Run Query button to see the response preview.

Here is a sample query, feel free to copy and paste it in any browser to see the results in the Graph Explorer:


Feel free to ask you questions and share your experience in the comment window.


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