Build AI-powered virtual assistant for healthcare with almost no code!

Have you ever heard about the Microsoft Healthcare Bot service that provides AI-based virtual assistance to support healthcare organizations? If yes, you already knew how easy it is to build and deploy the service with minor customization to adapt in your organization. In fact there is no doubt, it was the rescue for many scenarios during Covid-19 outbreak where many of us still benefit from it when we need quick answers to our questions about our health conditions. Well, If you never heard of Microsoft Healthcare Bot service before, I am here to take you through the hints that you would take a look before you go ahead and try the service.

  1. What is the Microsoft Healthcare Bot service exactly?
    It’s a chatbot which has built-in healthcare intelligence with a language understanding model based in medical terminology. Let’s drill down a little bit! It means that we don’t need to build the entire medical content in AI service, it comes with an industry knowledge which can serve millions of users at once.
  2. How can I build the conversation flow the way I want?
    Healthcare Bot Service provides a Management Portal where you can build your conversations with “no code”. You can create new dialogs, drag and drop to the editor to build the dialog flow and customize it however you want!

  3. Where can I start?
    Visit Azure Portal and Create your first the Healthcare Bot.


    Check out Healthcare Bot Service Management Portal and build your first scenario by using drag and drop scenario editor.


Go ahead and try the service in couple of minutes and share your experience with the community! Feel free to ask your questions under the post. Let’s discuss what went well, what didn’t go well.

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